Introduction to Ming & Qing Carved Furniture / 明清木雕家具介绍

The art of classical Chinese furniture making reached its zenith during Ming (1368-1644) and early Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, which were also ages of great expansion and prosperity in Chinese history. Ming and Qing furniture is renowned for its use of rare hardwoods and superb craftsmanship. Ming furniture is treasured for its comfortable design, simplicity and elegance, while Qing furniture impresses people with its grandeur and pageantry.


Material – Hardwood vs. South Elm
选材 – 红木抑或南榆木?

Sandalwood, rosewood, and blackwood are all considered the best hardwoods, with sandalwood being the rarest. The choicest hardwoods are mainly distributed in Southeast Asia. They are too rare and expensive to be affordable to common people because of their extremely long period of maturing. Craftsmen in Ming Dynasty only used them to make furniture for officials and the royal family. Furniture made of other alternatives was used by common people. Even today, export of furniture made of these kinds of hardwoods is prohibited in China.


Of all the rare hardwood alternatives, south elm is the most ideal because of its relatively large supply and superior quality. It has a homogeneous texture, smooth tone, fine grain, and good hardness. It has been commonly used in folk Ming and Qing classical furniture.


Workmanship 1 Workmanship 2 Workmanship 3 Workmanship 4


CTC classical Ming and Qing furniture is made of quality south elm. Each piece is carefully made bit by bit by hands of skilled craftsmen, following complicated traditional procedures such as cutting, drying, air drying, picking, carving, tenoning, assembling, rubbing, priming, polishing, painting, and drying. Because of its solid structure, pretty carving, and fine polishing, it can serve as both decoration and daily use.

CTC 经典明清家具采用上等南榆木制作。每件家具都经过技艺精湛的木匠师 傅遵循正宗复杂的传统工艺,一点一点亲手雕刻打磨而成,整套工艺由十几 道工序组成,比如木材切割,烘干,晾晒,选材,制榫,组装,打磨,底漆,上光,上漆,干燥等。CTC 家具结构牢靠,制作精美,雕刻细致,表面打磨光亮细腻,不仅可以作为普通家具使用,更可以用作精美的装饰品。

Color Options

Now in stock in yellow rosewood and red sandalwood colors. Pre-order available for all colors, please feel free to contact us for more details.